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Lou Varvarezis

Winter 2022 imaging challenge 1 109

Bill McGeeney

Astrophotography as Art 1 6

Prasad Agrahar

Sun spots on April 20 morning 5 18

Prasad Agrahar

Astrophotography Workshops at DVAA 5 16

Lou Varvarezis

Widefield_nightscape 1 18

Don Knabb

put me on the list for any events/meetings/classes 3 33

Scott Vanaman

Horizontal bands in photos? 7 31

Lou Varvarezis

Asteroid (7036) Kentarohirata 2 52

Joseph Lamb

Mare Imbrium Sunrise 2 41

Andrew Hitchner

Astrophotography at Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park 3 40

Lou Varvarezis

Observe the JWST as it travels to L2 4 59

Scott Vanaman

Question about workflow for combining different exposure length 7 51

Mark Firary

IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula 3 54

Scott Vanaman

Milky Way over Cherry Springs 3 78

Hari Doraisamy

Barnard's loop 3 47

Craig Attig

AstroTrak TT320X available 1 40

Lou Varvarezis

Image Challenge March/April 3 60

Roy Patton

Pleiades 1 48

Don Knabb

Morning Moon 1 41

Lou Varvarezis

January Image Challenge 21 133