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M100 & 1 Ceres, Time Lapse Image and Five Hour...
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Hi Dan,

Thank you very much.  I'm happy the weather cooperated for this event.


Great work. Thanks for posting.


Attached are my attempts at imaging the dwarf planet 1 Ceres passing through the spiral arms of galaxy M100 this past late Sunday night (3/26) into early Monday morning (3/27).

One image is effectively a time-lapse over approximately 2.5 hours which shows 1 Ceres as a bright line within the boundary of M100. This image is the integration (summation) of 147 one-minute exposures.

The second image is an annotated version of the image above (without the border format) pointing out the additional NGC and PGC galaxies in the image.

The last attachment is a short animation showing the movement of 1 Ceres over approximately a five hour period. The animation starts at 10:02 PM EDT on Sunday, March 26th and ends at 3:06 AM EDT on Monday, March 27th.

All images were taken with a Celestron C9.25 telescope with a 0.63x focal reducer/field flattener for an effective focal length of 1.576mm (~0.49 arcsec/pix image scale). The imaging device used was a ZWO ASI533MC Pro cooled, one-shot-color camera. Dark, Flat & Bias frames were used for calibration. Image calibration, integration and processing was done using PixInsight. Additional noise reduction and presentation formatting was done using Photoshop CS5.1. The mount used was an iOptron CEM40 guided using a 240mm guide scope and ZWO ASI290MM mono camera.

Clear skies,


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