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Astrophotography Resource Page

If you are interested in astrophotography, become a member of the DVAA and join other like-minded enthusiasts. 

DVAA members have access to post to the astrophotography forum where members share images, techniques and tips. The forum also has links to previous astrophotography workshops. For members, this page also contains resource for beginners and experts.

Ask an imaging question here:  Answers will post to the Astrophotography Forum.  Note: The public can view the posts on the Astrophotography Forum, but only DVAA members can post. 

To view a few images by DVAA astrophotographers, view DVAA Photo Albums (filter on "Astrophotography"), or the websites of Dick Steinberg Astrophotography and Blue Mountain Vista Observatory Images .

We hope you will join as a member and welcome to a very rewarding aspect of our hobby!

Lou Varvarezis
Astrophotography Chair, DVAA

Astrophotography Resource Scroll
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
"Ask an Imager" is staffed by these DVAA members:

Name  Specialties  Post Processing
Frank Colosimo Deep sky CCD and CMOS  
Joe Lamb Wide field, lunar  
Tom Nolasco Lunar, solar, planetary & deep sky using SharpCap Live Stacking.   
Gary Trapuzzano Planetary, Wide Field, Some DSO Images Plus, Photoshop
Bob Trebilcock CCD Imaging  
Scott Vanaman  Wide field and deep sky Deepsky Stacker, Photoshop
Lou Varvarezis CMOS Deep sky/wide field

Astrophotography Experts