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NGC 2736 Pencil Nebula
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Gary, Joe, and Lou,
Thanks for the encouraging words. Gary, yes, this was taken in Chile. The FOV on that setup is 43 x 43 arc-min (0.72 deg). Not much was cropped so that's about what you see. This was done in the HOO palette and I added RGB for the stars.
Ha 129 x 300 sec
O3 119 x 300 sec
RGB 8 x 300 sec each
Total integration time 22.67 hours captured over 5 days mid April.
If anybody is interested in the data I'm happy to share the master lights.


Wow Dan. Spectacular!

Lou Varvarezis

Beautiful image Dan!!  Like Joe mentioned, I’m not familiar with this object either and look forward to learning more about it.

Is this another southern Hemisphere object shot from your remote setup?  What’s the approximate field of view and exposure time?

Keep them coming….


What a beautiful filigree, Dan! The colors are striking and the ammout of detail is incredible. I am not familiar with this nebula. I need to do some reading!


They call it the Pencil Nebula, but personally I see the head of a snake – let me know what you think.

The colors of the various regions in the nebula yield clues about this cooling process. Some regions are still so hot that the emission is dominated by ionized oxygen atoms, which glow blue in the picture. Other regions have cooled more and are seen emitting red in the image (cooler hydrogen atoms). In this situation, color shows the temperature of the gas.



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