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Abell 1060 (157 galaxies)
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Very nicely done Dan. I look forward to seeing more of your images.


Thanks Gary. I haven't been able to get to my dark spot in south FL for a while. I'm in a Bortle 9 so not much can be done at home. This one was taken remotely in Chile, Rio Hurtado. It's LRGB.
Lum - 68 x 300
R - 25 x 300
G - 25 x 300
B - 11 x 300
Total time: 10.75
I had intended to get more blue but I did a test processing run and got a nice result so I called it a day.
Planewave - CDK17
Planewave - L-500 mount
Moravian C4-16000
Chroma 3nm filters
NINA and Pixinsight


Great image Dan!  I always enjoy seeing galaxy cluster images and can't help but marvel at how much "stuff" is out there.

I'm curious to hear about the stats on this one (total exp, subs, OTA, location, etc.) when you get a chance.

Keep up the amazing work.  Your shots are always a treat to look at.


Wow. Just beautiful, Dan!

In this 0.7 deg field of view there is a lot going on. This cluster of galaxies, 157 in all, in the constellation Hydra, is framed by two nearby stars in our own Milky Way. The bluish elongated galaxy in the center of the picture is an edge-on spiral, NGC 3312.  It has been distorted by interactions with its neighboring galaxies.  Among the most interesting galaxies in the group are two faint spirals, NGC 3314, that are aligned along our line of sight.  They are directly below the bright star (top middle) and a bit to the left of the other bright star in the image.  We are seeing one galaxy in front of the other.


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