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SN2023ixf in M101
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Hi Gary,

Nice job on matching the images! Thanks for doing this. I have not yet gone through my archives to see if I have something comparable so its cool to see a bright light where there was none before!


Thanks for posting the link to your high resolution image Mark. I was able to download it without any issues.

Here is a side-by-side composite of your M101 with SN2023ixf taken on 5/21/2023 and my M101 taken approximately one year earlier on 5/30/2022. I matched the orientation, image scale and look of my image to be close to what you posted. BTW - I'm posting this on the forum to avoid the high image compression that the regular DVAA email group causes.

The stats on my M101 image (on the right side without SN2023ixf) are as follows:

May 30, 2022 (~00:44 to 02:00 EDT)

1hr, 15min Exp (15x5min subs)

OTA: TeleVue TV101 (525mm FL, 1.48 arcsec/pix)

Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC-P (-18ºC, G=50), Internal IR Filter

Mount: ZWO AM5

Calibration: Bias, Darks & Flats

Pre & Post Processing: PixInsight Ver 1.8.9

Cherry Springs, PA

~Bortle 2-3 (SQM ~= 21.55 Measured with SQM-L meter)

Clear skies,


Here is a link to my Flickr page with last night's image of SN2023ixf

Orion ED80 f7.5 Apochromatic Refractor with 0.85x reducer (524mm FL)

ASI 2600MC Pro at -10ºC

Svbony 60mm guide scope (240mm FL) with ASI224MC camera

iOptron CEM-40EC EQ mount

ASIair Plus


SN2023ixf in M101 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major

Target M101 with 0º camera rotation

75x120s Light frames with no filter (21:56 - 01:00)

Flats, Dark Flats, Darks, Bias calibration frames

Cropped from 6248x4176 to 2000x1500 pixels

Woodbine NJ - Bortle 4

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