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PixInsight Workflow Example for OSC Data, Modified...
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Attached is the PixInsight workflow document that I mentioned I would post during my astro-imaging workshop presentation last month. I apologize for the delay with making this available but cleaning it up required more work than I anticipated.

The document is provided in both MS Word format (so that you can makes further edits depending on your particular needs) and in PDF format (in case you aren't able to use the MS Word version).

See attached:

PixInsight Workflow Example for OSC Data, Gary Trapuzzano - 20230201-2.docx

PixInsight Workflow Example for OSC Data, Gary Trapuzzano - 20230201-2.pdf

For reference: Here is a link to the presentation from January's DVAA astro-imaging workshop.

Please note that the workflow outlined in this document was adapted from the PDF file posted in the comments section of the Highpoint Scientific YouTube video linked to below. Even though this workflow has had significant modifications compared to the original Highpoint Scientific video, watching at least the first M31 processing example in the video could prove helpful for better understanding some of the processes referenced in the document.

Clear skies,


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