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Meteorite Dealer at Outdoor Show
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Hi Folks,


I doesn’t happen often where you get a chance to chat with a person about meteorites along with viewing and purchasing them.

There will be a rock & mineral show this Saturday, October 8th (sorry for the short notice) at the St. Michael’s Picnic Grove in Mont Clare, Pa. (next to Phoenixville) (see attached flyer)

The show is sponsored by the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society and there will be a dealer there named Brett Cohen.  Brett is a internationally-trusted and respected member of the meteorite community. He is the owner of The Interstellar Collection, LLC, a touring apothecary of fine meteorite specimens. He has been studying meteoritics for over a decade, and has been bringing his education, along with rare, museum-grade, professionally prepared specimens to the hands and curious minds of collectors of all levels - from beginners, to advanced collectors, and even rock stars (no pun intended). Each specimen has been studied and signed off by leading scientists in the field. 

In addition, Brett is working directly under the guidance of an independent entrepreneur/computer programmer who created software to simulate a meteor’s flight path - from the moment of entry to the moment it touches the ground, using precise calculations and Doppler radar data. This technology is what offers meteorites the chance to be studied for science, as well as offers meteorite hunters the best possible chance for a successful meteorite recovery.   (Maybe a DVAA guest speaker??)

Brett is a recognized member of the IMCA (#3950), The Global Meteorite Association #042) and a member of The Meteorite Club.


I will be there all day hosting the members table.

Maybe I’ll see you there,

Don McAlarnen

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