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Pacman nebula
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Thank you Lou and Joe!

This is one of my favorite objects. I love it Hari!


Canon EOS Rebel XS (full spectrum mod)

Astronomik CLS CCD

Orion thin off axis guider

QHY5L-II M guide camera

Celestron CGX,Edge HD 8,0.7x focal reducer

Optec TCF-Leo focuser

Way to go, Hari!!!

Here's my attempt at imaging the Pacman nebula from Bortle 5 skies in West Chester, PA with my modified Canon EOS Rebel T6, a vintage 200mm Pentax lens, iOptron Skyguider Pro tracker over 4 nights. The image was captured using BYE and stacked with DSS followed by post processing using Photoshop with RC Astro gradient xterminator and star reduction.

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