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Saturn at Opposition
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Thank you so much, Gary! Much appreciated!


Really nice shot of Saturn Joe!  I'm enjoying looking at the details and coloration in the cloud structure you were able to capture.  You even got the Crepe Ring and hints of the Encke Division.  Way to go!!!

Keep 'em comin'....


Thank you for your kind words, Lou!

Hey Joe,

Wow! I love the color detail differentiating the weather at various latitudes, not to mention the details in the rings!


Canon EOS Rebel XS (full spectrum mod)

Astronomik CLS CCD

Orion thin off axis guider

QHY5L-II M guide camera

Celestron CGX,Edge HD 8,0.7x focal reducer

Optec TCF-Leo focuser

Hi all,

An image of Saturn at 3 days post opposition in fair seeing. Eighteen (1,000 frame) SER videos were made; and the result is from 6 of those de-rotated in WinJuPos. Light clouds were intermittently partially obscuring the planet; so, I decided to keep the videos short. The transparency was so low, that even with the gain at 324, the camera was only shooting at 25 frames/second! Some additional details are below.

Wishing all of you clear skies!


Celestron 11, F/20. Camera: ZWOASI 462MC, ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector.

Date: August 17,2022 at 05:00 UT.

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