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Just recently I received my new Herchel Wedge from Lunt and I was trying it for the first time. I had a 2x Barlow and my camera was inserted into the wedge. I was trying to focus my scope and I thought I saw the same exact granulations for a moment. It lasted just that moment like a flash and I could not repeat see it after that however many times I must have tried. 

Well, the link I quoted is by the extraordinary expert -  Christian Viladrich, the best expert in solar imaging. I do not expect to equal his work result ever but technically I am curious t understand the technique involved. From the description on the image, he seems to be using fairly ordinary equipment (except that he is using a 300 mm Newtonian dedicated to Solar work and also a frame rate at 60 frames at 75 microseconds which is a really very high frame rate). 

I have ordered his famous book. Waiting to lay my hands on it. 


Hi Prasad!

Only a guess, but I suspect that the image was made in great seeing with a monochrome camera, employing a colored or narrow-band filter (in addition to the solar filter)-the "color" being then added in processing. I would love to know for sure.

Remarkable image!


As a beginner in solar imaging I end up with too many doubts and questions. I found this wonderful image where we see so much of granulations of the surface. How do capture this? What we need to get such detail?



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