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NGC 7000
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Very nice, Garrett!

Joe Lamb

Wow! Wonderful image. Great work!


Canon EOS Rebel XS (full spectrum mod)

Astronomik CLS CCD

Orion thin off axis guider

QHY5L-II M guide camera

Celestron CGX,Edge HD 8,0.7x focal reducer

Optec TCF-Leo focuser

Thanks!  I was lucky to get this many hours in one night slicing between my trees....

Optics are William Optics GT71mm with Flat6iii 0.8x reducer.  I can see my backfocus needs a little adjustment.

Camera is 2600MM at -10*C, ZWO 36mm filter wheel.

Astro Pixel Processor calibrated and stacked the images; 25 flats(x3) and 25 darks.  APP outputs three mono channels and also a combined (mono).  I then created the combined RGB using the Hubble SHO and auto stretch in APP.  Saved off as tiff, then in Photoshop blended layers. Combined RGB+mono layer to boost the nebulosity and then again to desaturate the incorrect star colors/background. A touch of noise reduction and a crop, but no other processing (Photoshop is pretty crazy for me).  Sounds like a lot, but it's mostly just defaults (APP).


Hi Garrett, excellent work. Thanks for sharing.


That's a really cool image Garrett!  Nice job with it.

Out of curiosity, what equipment did you use to take it, and what about image calibration and software used for processing?

Keep 'em coming.


I've seen some real nice images in the mailing list recently, so I thought I would toss one in the mix.

This is my third attempt at a narrowband image. Still figuring out what works (and doesn't).

About four hours data, 10m exposures, 20220818.


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