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AstroTrak TT320X available
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Hi DVAA folks!

I've been to several of your viewing events over the years, and just joined. So hello to everybody! I'm in downtown Philadelphia, so I need to hop in my car to get to darker skies. Did a number of trips to Hyner Run State Park last year (up by Cherry Springs), which is a great campsite a mile away from Hyner View State Park, which has a fantastic scenic overview (not quite as dark as Cherry Springs tho).

I'm upping my astrophotography game, and so I have a AstroTrak TT320X star tracker available. If you're interested, please check AstroMart or eBay, I have an ad on both. I'm open to offers, and would be happy to deliver locally and offer a tutorial and tips on using the tracker.

In case you're interested, I'm upgrading to a ZWO ASIAir-based tracked solution with the ASI120MM tracking cam. Now scrounging the web on deals for GoTo mounts. Still a Sony mirrorless camera shooter... which I know doesn't work directly with the ASIAir (Canon & Nikon do), but I just want to be able to do guided tracking for now. And the ASIAir looks to have a handy polar alignment routine.

Looking forward to hanging out more with the DVAA! Hello other Astro shooters!

- Craig Attig

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