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How can I identify the craters on the moon?
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Thank you very much for the tip! I used a map of the moon that I found online and visually managed to identify what I imaged 😊 I learnt more about the moon from my last imaging than I ever knew!

Hari! These are great! Well done! The moon is endlessly fascinating once you dive in!

Regarding the map - I use the free IOS app - "Moon Globe," which allows you to adjust the view based on the phase. It actually has a phase slider. My only complaint is that the craters, mares all overlap at times - which gets annoying when you're trying to click on an object.
Thank you for the tip - I will check this out

There are several good apps available for an iPad that will help identify lunar features. There are also good books available. I like Moon Observer's Guide by Firefly Books.

The Moon is always a wonderful target. You might consider trying the Astronomical League Lunar 1 observing program. It is a lot of fun and not terribly difficult.

Great photos!

Wow! Well done Hari, these images are stunning!


Close up images of the moon taken Jan 21 from my front yard.

Celestron Nexstar 8SE telescope with a ZWO120MC camera
Used Sharpcap with Autostakkert and Registax

Question: How can I identify these craters and mares? Is there an easy way to find out?
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