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Astrophotography at Big Meadows, Shenandoah Nation...
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Loved your shot, Andrew. I was there last Spring and attempted a shot of M101. After freezing in the cold for quite a long time, I realized that I never locked the dec axis. Every shot had trailed stars.

Quite beautiful!


Wow! Andrew this image is stunning! I love the composition. I don't know if I could ask for anything else to make a camping trip perfect than to be able to enjoy a view like this one.

Hi all,

I Recently took a vacation up to Shenandoah National Park. It was during dark sky so I was planning on getting some kind of astro shot. Unfortunately the smoke through a wrench in my plans, but luckly it cleared out in a few days. After waiting for 3 hours for the Milky Way to line up with the tree I took this shot. This is my first end-to-end attempt at landscape astrophotography and I am very pleased. My camera is pretty old and my lens isn't the best, so the foreground is pretty noisy and the edges have some aberration. I'm also not convinced if I nailed the focus. Still, very happy with how it turned out. Thought you all might like to see!


Nikon D3300 with Tokina 11 to 16mm lens

10 shots stacked
10 seconds, f/2.8, 11mm, ISO 3200
Stacked in Sequator

1 shot
5 minutes, f/2.8, 11mm, ISO 400

Foreground and Sky manually blended in Photoshop
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