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The primary advantage of observing at Green Lane is its proximity to home for the majority of DVAA club members.   There are good horizons in most directions, particularly to the south and the west/northwest.    On a representative night, the limiting magnitude was estimated to be around 5.7 or 5.8.  Globular clusters, open clusters, and nebulae which respond well to filters could be observed, except for those at low altitude where the skyglow is prevalent.   

This site is approximately 40 minutes drive from Radnor, in a field adjacent to the parking lot for the Green Lane Park Red Trail.    From Rt 29 North, turn left on Knight Road, then proceed a few hundred feet and turn left into the gravel parking area.   Directions.  

The parking lot is not paved; it's uneven in places so it is wise to drive slowly and arrive well before sunset.   This area is also a staging area for horseback riders so it's important to watch your step.    This link shows the entrance to the parking area, and the observing area which is behind the stand of trees. Parking area and observing field.  There is a PortaPotty adjacent to the trail which is usually unlocked.


The Green Lane site near the amphitheater formerly used for observing is no longer appropriate due to a change in the lighting conditions.  


For more info, check out the Green Lane Park website.