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Problem with display of RAW files
Bill Montgomery

Greetings, all.

Has anyone had problems recently when opening unprocessed RAW picture files? For me, they open normally, but then suddenly turn grainy and the background color turns pinkish (e.g., the attached image of Capella). It even happens to my older picture files that did not look that way previously. It's nasty.

Google was no help, so I'm hoping someone here has had a similar experience and found a solution.

Gary Trapuzzano
Hi Bill,

I opened the file of Capella that you attached in PixInsight and in ON1 Photo Raw 2023 and it opened fine.  However, opening it in the Windows Photos app exhibited the behavior you mentioned.  I'm guessing that the data file is fine and that the Photos application is not handling the mapping properly.  The same thing happened with the Windows Photos Legacy application.


Bill Montgomery

Much obliged, Gary. I'm guessing it has something to do with a system or software update, since older photos that had no problem before suddenly have a problem.

I'll look into PixInsight.

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