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Heart Nebula (IC1805) from Suburban Skies
Gary Trapuzzano

I took advantage of the five day stretch of clear skies right before the New Moon last week to test the performance of using a dual narrowband nebula filter to image from my light-polluted suburban backyard. I shot a handful of different emission and/or reflection nebula and had a chance to process a few of them after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is an almost six hour integration of the Heart Nebula (IC1805) using the IDAS NBZ Nebula Boost filter. Data capture was done using the ZWO ASIair Plus and pre/post processing was done using PixInsight. Photoshop CS5.1 was used to to set the final black point and to place the processed image on the template I made with the descriptive text.

Heart Nebula (IC1805)

(East to the upper left and North to the upper right)

Nov. 21 to 24, 2022 (Late PM to Early AM EST)

TeleVue TV-85, w/0.8x FR (480mm FL, 1.61 arcsec/px)

ZWO ASI2600MC-Pro (-20ºC, G=102), IDAS NBZ Filter,

Calibrated with Flats, Bias and Darks

~5.8 hrs Exp (70x5min), PixInsight, PS CS5.1

©2022 Gary Trapuzzano

Worcester Township, PA

~Bortle 6 (SQM ~= 19)

The Heart Nebula is a large emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia and is a mix of both bright pink hydrogen gas, and dark dust clouds. This glowing nebula gets its nickname from the familiar shape it resembles and is located approximately 7,500 light-years from Earth.

Clear skies,


Daniel Stern
A beautiful image. Doesn't look like a "test" to me. That filter really does a nice job accentuating the Ha, even in a light polluted skies. I look forward to seeing the other ones.


Gary Trapuzzano
Thank you Dan.  I appreciate it.

It was my first time using that filter and, even though I was hopeful, I wasn't sure how well it would actually work.  I've been happy with the results so far and look forward to being able to get better data from my backyard for emission/reflection type objects.

I'll should be posting a few more in the next day or so.


Lou Varvarezis

Hello Gary,

What a terrific example! It almost look like the heart is pumping blood. It's amazing how much stuff is up there. The fun part is pulling this stuff down out of the sky and sharing with everyone.

The only thing missing is more clear skies. Can we ask for that for Christmas?


Bill McGeeney
Wow! Brilliant work on this Gary! 

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