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Jupiter from BMVO
Gary Trapuzzano

Two weeks ago I met Al Lamperti and Joe Lamb at BMVO for a night out under clear, transparent skies. I used my old but trusty Celestron C9.25 with a Televue 2x Powermate to image Jupiter and was pleased by the results.

Camera: ZWO ASI485MC (One-Shot Color)

OTA: Celestron C9.25 with Televue 2x Powermate (F.L. ~4,700mm)

Mount: iOptron CEM40

Filter: IR Block

Integration: Twenty one, 1 min sequences (~78 fps)

SW: FireCapture, AutoStakkert, RegiStax, WinJUPOS, PS CS5.1

Clear skies,


Lou Varvarezis

Nice detail Gary, did you use an ADC to collect the data?


Canon EOS Rebel XS (full spectrum mod)

Astronomik CLS CCD

Orion thin off axis guider

QHY5L-II M guide camera

Celestron CGX,Edge HD 8,0.7x focal reducer

Optec TCF-Leo focuser

Gary Trapuzzano
Thanks Lou.  I did use a ZWO ADC for this image but am still in the early stage of learning how to use it so I'm hoping for better results with future efforts.


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