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The Running Man
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Great image Lou! Impressive depth and smoothness.

Clear skies,


Simply a big Wow!! Terrific image.. 


Thanks Hari

Great picture Lou!

The Running Man Sh2-279 (NGC 1973,NGC 1975, and NGC 1977. 

116 x 300 sec lights (9h 40m)

140 bias

60 flats 

No darks.

Preprocessing DSS post processing with PixInsight and Adobe Lightroom Mobile.  

I extracted a lum layer and ran it through Ez Decon and Ez Denoise.  Color layer was run through EZ denoise and then several passes through arcsinh stretch.  The lum layer was passed through EZ soft stretch.  The two were then recombined using LRGB recombinantation with color denoise.   A few light passes through curves to enhance contrast between red and blue nebula while leaving the brown in tact.   SCNR a couple times to remove any extra green.  Then I moved it to Adobe lightroom mobile to optimize color for cell phone.

Clear skies,


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