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HomeFrench Creek State Gamelands - Shooting Range

The observing location at French Creek State Gamelands is located on a gun range in State Gamelands 43.  The directions to the site are as followed:

  • From Rt. 23 (Ridge Rd), turn Right onto Warwick Rd, about 14 miles outside of Phoenixville.
  • About 1 mile down Warwick Rd, turn right onto Rt 345, then immediately turn left onto Laurel Ln.
  • Follow Laurel Ln for about 1 mile, and then follow a round right turn. The range will be on your left.

The site offers moderately dark skies, with a rating of Dark Orange on the Bortle Dark Sky scale. The horizons are tree lined with a slight hill to the north, and better to the south. A light dome can be seen to the south east due to a nearby car dealer and the town of Exton. When traveling to the site, several items should be of note:

  • The site is an active shooting range during the day. This includes hours between sun rise and sun set. Please respect any personnel using the range and do not attempt to set up until the range is clear.
  • Laurel Lane begins as a paved road, but eventually turns into a gravel road. The condition of this road can vary, and after a heavy rain, pools of gravel may form. Also, several large pot holes are located along this gravelly stretch. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you arrive to the site before dark, and that your vehicle can withstand gravel road conditions.
  • A permit is required to use the site. While you do not need to present one to enter the site, it may be needed if a Ranger stops by. At least one person using the site should have the permit available.